WD 2

Callum Warnock won Gold for 50m Breast to became West District Record Holder.

Medalist:  Shannyn Reilly, Greg Fairbairn, Lauren Addyman, Marc Devlin and Katie Lynch.  Well Done to you all.



Thomas Balfour won Bronze in the 400m at Sheffield representing Scotland. Well done.



Well done to Mackenzie Mitchell for winning Best Boy award at the weekend.

Medalist: Luciana Naughton, Cameron Doran, Micheal Devlin, Mackenzie Mitchell, Lewis Danskin and Euan Morell. Well done to you all.


Scottish Schools

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Scottish Schools.

Medalists: Katie Lynch, Thomas Balfour, Greg Fairbairn and Shannyn Reilly.  Well Done to you all.


WD 1

Medalist: Callum Warnock, Katie Lynch, Greg Fairbairn, Jenna Cole and Shannyn Reilly. Well Done to you all.

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