Committee 2018




Jane Tonner

Vice President Wilma Napolitano


Lesleyann Beveridge


Claire Collins

David Collins

Entry Secretary

Linzi Kirk/Fiona Sinnett

Member Secretary

Carol Allan

Child Protection Officer

Jason Rooney

Hazel Fairbairn


Scott Warnock

Technical Convenor

Wilma Napolitano/

Fiona Sinnett/Stuart Boyd

Press Member

Craig Murdoch

Travel Co-ordinator

Wilma Napolitano

Honorary Life Member

Ruby Flanigan

Swim Shop

Jule Rennie

Lesleyann Beveridge

Trophy and Medal Organiser


Committee Members

Ross Glover

Tina Dorran

Lorna Carlyle





Head Coach

Scott Warnock


Craig Murdoch

Sandy Gordon

Ruby Flanigan

Linzi Kirk

Darran Romer

Lynsay Murray

Drew White
Kerrie Anton
Aaron Clark
Morgan Tonner

Rachel Speirs




Although most parents are not on the committe or coaching team the club could not survive without all your help and support. Your views and opinions are very important to us.

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