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Important Training Notice: 28th September 2020

Training is cancelled tonight at Cumbernauld for groups 5 & 6.  All other training is on Normal timetable for the rest of the week.


30th July 2020

Help Required


Hopefully not too much longer until we get news about training starting back. Prior to this we need help. Under guidance from Scottish Swimming we require to have a COVID Liaison officer at every session. The more people we have helping out the better as you may only be asked to help out at one or two sessions per week under instruction of the Lead COVID officer.

We also require a COVID Lead Officer to join the committee to assist in support and co-ordinate the Liaison officers.

have attached a copy of the job descriptions from Scottish swimming. If you are interested helping please contact me on info@bellshillsharksasc.co.uk or 07800798557.


Microsoft Word document [335.5 KB]
Microsoft Word document [335.3 KB]

21st May 2020


SASA documents have been added to the Document Page.


6th April 2020


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved Scottish Swimming SwiMark+ accreditation. This accreditation confirms our commitment to sustainable growth and to support all aspets of our club.


Bellshill Sharks ASC SM+.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [171.8 KB]


8th June 2019

Long Course Training dates have been updated on Training Time Page.


7th January 2020

Calendar for 2020 has been added to Calendar Page.


15th October 2018


Payment for swims

Please be advised that when Sharks swimmers are entered in a gala the club has to pay the host club in full and up front for all the events that each swimmer has chosen to compete in.

When the list of accepted swims is published we are then informed of swimmers that have been scratched from any events. The club will receive a full refund for any scratched swims and we would not expect anyone to pay for a scratched swim. All other swims (including reserve swims) are then due to be paid for.

If a swimmer has a reserve swim then the expectation is that the swimmer will attend the gala. If the swimmer doesn’t get the reserve swim for any reason then the club will receive a full refund for that swim. If the swimmer gets the reserve swim or fails to turn up for that event then the refund will not be due back to the club.

Attending galas is the biggest single external expense that the club has and it is vital that all payments are received within a reasonable timeframe. If anyone is ever unsure about what they are due to pay for any events you can get details at the desk every Wednesday night. If you are unable to attend on a Wednesday please contact treasurer@bellshillsharksasc.co.uk and we will supply the details.


10th April 2018

National Squad selection Policy 2018-19 has been added to the Documents Page


23rd January 2018


TWEET From Scottish Swimmming


Great news for #Bellshill and @nlleisure as @AscSharks are awarded #SwiMarkPlus during the club’s 50th Anniversary year with the award being presented to #RubyFlanigan - Well done all!




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21st August 2016


Check out the link below for "THE FOOD CHAMPIONS"




Scottish Swimming Policy


Scottish swimming have asked that every swimming club issue the acceptable use of mobile phone policy to all swimmers.  This policy requires completion by each swimmer.  The policy will be issued at the desk on Wednesday 6th June 2016, it should be completed, signed and returned as soon as possible.  A copy of the policy can be found on the Documents page.


Parent/Guardian Responsiblities

Arrival for Training

Always check when you drop your child of that the pool is available and open for training. Emergency and facility failure can occur at short notice. The Coaches are NOT responsible for the swimmer prior to or after training sessions. If you think you will be late for picking up your child after training session please phone the Sports Centre and ask that a message is passed on to the coaching staff.

During Training or Gala/Competition

Please inform Coach of any information regarding your child i.e. Injuries/Medical changes prior to their training session.

Do NOT distract the coach during a training session.

Do NOT coach your child from the spectator's gallery.

Sessions are planned for different aspects of training, with any interruptions to the session undermining the authority of the Coach. If you wish to speak to the Coach please do so at the end of the session.


Lorna Carlyle is responsible for fundraising along with a small group of parents. We are open to suggestions for fundraising within our club. .


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